Columbia Gloves and Mittens

Evolving from its roots in Cedar Mill, a small Washington County community, the brand has become synonymous with quality winter wear and year-round sporting gear. One of the crowd favored skews from is Columbia Gloves, a versatile outdoor solution to keep hands warm and dry without limiting dexterity. Through the use of protective covering and innovative designs, this line offers insulated solutions geared towards outdoors and sporting enthusiasts. In providing consistently high quality to customers since 1938, Columbia Gloves has become a trusted and reputable brand among consumers. With options ranging from waterproof to fleece, the gloves come in varying sizes and lengths while also accommodating new technology with components to let wearers use smartphones. Featuring many different options available to men, women, and children, these gloves offer diverse solutions to cold weather. Emulating the spirit of adventure, these gloves let wearers embrace the joys of all season with an ideal attire solution.
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